Motor / Pump Protection Relays

Brand: Minilec


Motor / Pump Protection Relays
These relays are useful for protection of 3-phase AC induction motors against various hazards. With their unique advantages they eliminate use of a thermal/bimetal relay for motor protection. Being current sensing, they are to be selected according to motor rating and are available for practically all ranges of motors. These relays are ideally suitable for Air-conditioning Compressor motor protection, as also for motors in machines, conveyors, cranes/hoists and lifts, and for pumps.


  • Fixed/adjustable under/Over trip settings for parameters.
  • Fixed/adjustable trip delays and Power On delays
  • Built-in or external power supply
  • Resetting – Auto or Manual
  • Output contacts : 1 CO or 2 CO
  • Choice of enclosures (DIN-Rail, Flush)
  • Models with Micro-Controller based design
  • 2 line alpha-numeric LCD display (for F3 VSR1/2)
  • Serial Communication (RS232) port (for F3 VSR1/2 models)
  • Use of SMD Technology
  • User friendly LED indications

Protections / Funtions

  • Phase Failure [Phase Loss/Single Phasing],
  • Phase sequence reversal,
  • Voltage Unbalance,
  • Under Voltage, Over Voltage
  • Overload protection as per motor characteristics
  • No-load/dry running
  • Motor Winding overheating
  • Over-current/Short circuit/locked rotor
  • Earth Fault

Ordering Instructions

  • Product Family Name
  • Model Name
  • System Supply Voltage & Frequency
  • Aux. Supply / Control supply voltage
  • Motor/Pump rating (HP/KW) & duty
  • Overload characteristics required
  • No. of PTCs & Temp. graph

CBCT Instructions

  • Minilec offers CBCT for our Earth fault relay & Earth Leakage Relay. Ordering Information:
  • Primary & Secondary Current.
  • Inner Diameter.
  • Outer Diameter.

Minilec Relay Model Name.


Motor / Pump Protection Relays

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