General Mechanical Works

Electrical Control Panels – Power Mixer
Streamtec re-designed, constructed and replace the electrical panel for a powder mixer at a pharmaceutial factory.

Electric Motor Servicing
Streamtec also services, repair and re-conditions electric motors of various types. This photo case study shows an electric motor at a bulking terminal being serviced, repaired and brought back into full operating condition.

General Electrical Works
Photo case studies of Streamtec providing general electrical works at various plants, factories, terminals, office premises, etc.

Welding & Fabrication, Piping & Fittings
Photographs show the Streamtec team at work on-site providing general mechanical works (welding and fabrication, piping and fittings). We are also able to do general mechanical works for assembly lines.

Loop Pump Service And Repair
The photo case-study below shows Streamtec expertise in the service and repair of a highly specialised pump. This pump is mounted on a tanker (tanker pump) and is used for the unloading of tanker fluid, in this instance it was caustic soda. Our client is from the food…

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump Servicing
Client had the following problems with the pump: Flow rate has dropped to a very unacceptable level and pump casing was leaking.

Streamtec Solution: We were able to restore the total pump unit back to its required flow rate.
Client did not have to replace…

Complete Overhaul Of Washington Pump
Client informed us of problems related to their pump, including that of low flow rate, high vibration during operations and there as frequent bearing failures.

We were able to dismantle the whole pump unit in order to service every aspect of the pump contruction…

Maintenance & Repair Of Split Pump
Photo case study of servicing a split pump. We were able to repair and rebuild the pump to operational specifications as required by our client. This not only resulted in major cost-savings but it also meant that there were no need for new capital outlays to…

Self Priming Centrifugal Pump Servicing
Streamtec was tasked by client to take delivery, install and commission this American Turbine Pump for a steel mill. We were able to take up the technical challenge of ensuring that the pump was installed according to the guidelines & …

  • TNB approval and submission for new power 
  • supply application Supply and install new motor control panel such as Star Delta, Auto transformer, Direct online, Auto resistance
  • Machine operation control panel for conveyor, mixer, chemical dosing system and production operations
  • Electro fit new operation…

Pump Repair & Maintenance
Common symptoms upon which clients should call us include:​

  • Mechanical seal failure
  • General servicing
  • Shaft damaged
  • Impeller worn off
  • Drop in flow of liquid
  • High vibrationTaking high current during operations
  • Frequent overload trip
  • Bearing failure
  • Frequent pin bush failure
  • Alignment…