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Electrical Panels

Electrical Control Panels - Power Mixer

Stream Tech re-designed, constructed and replace the electrical panel for a powder mixer at a pharmaceutial factory.

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Electric Motor

Electric Motor servicing
Stream Tech also services, repair and re-conditions electric motors of various types. This photo case study shows an electric motor at a bulking terminal being serviced, repaired and brought back into full operating condition.

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General Electrical Works

General Electrical Works

Photo case studies of Stream Tech providing general electrical works at various plants, factories, terminals, office premises, etc.

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General Mechanical Works

Welding & Fabrication,Piping & Fittings

Photographs show the Stream Tech team at work on-site providing general mechanical works (welding and fabrication, piping and fittings). We are also able to do general mechanical works for assembly lines.

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Loop Pumps

Loop Pump Service and Repair

The photo case-study below shows Stream Tech expertise in the service and repair of a highly specialised pump. This pump is mounted on a tanker (tanker pump) and is used for the unloading of tanker fluid, in this instance it was caustic soda. Our client is from the food…

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Centrifugal Pump

Self priming centrifugal pump servicing

Client had the following problems with the pump: Flow rate has dropped to a very unacceptable level and pump casing was leaking.

Stream Tech Solution: We were able to restore the total pump unit back to its required flow rate.
Client did not have to replace…

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