Digital Motor Protection Relays SS1 (2CT-based)

Brand: Samwha


Digital Motor Protection Relay
Installation: Panel Mounting Type
Model: DSP-SS1


  • Over/Under current
  • Locked Rotor


  • Self-diagnostics

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Main Features

  • MCU based digital control : optimized protection
  • Compact size,Practical simple application

    • Protection : Over current/Under current, Phase Loss ,Locked rotor

      • Protection for Phase loss and Locked rotor is executed based on over current

    • Possible to check actual current and trip state based on LED indication

  • 3 phase load protection through 2 CT

  • To cover wide and precise current range for the protection

    • 10 Type

      • Definite T-I: 0.3A∼12A(0.3~6A for external CT)

      • Matched with external CT :1~600A, secondary rating of external CT is 5A

    • 60 Type

      • Definite T-I: 2A∼60A

  • Trip cause indication by LED

    • Control power is loaded : Green

    • Normal operation : Red

    • Trip is happened : Yellow

  • Convenient functional selection by DIP SW

    • N type : trip output(95-96,97-98) is energized in case control power is loaded

    • R type : trip output(95-96,97-98) is not energized in case control power is loaded

      • trip output is not responsed for selection of DIP SW in case normal operation is processed

    • RP ON : able state to protect reverse phase protection

    • RP OFF : disable state to protect reverse phase protection

  • Reset after tripped

    • Manual : press “RESET” SW

    • Electrical : control power(A1-A2) off → possible to make remote control by power switch with remote distance

  • Self-diagnostic function : “TEST” SW