Multi-Function DMP Relays

Brand: Samwha


Multi-Function DMP Relays

Main Features
• Easy Handling
• To give a guarantee to exclusive operator: Password Input
• To realize convenient and various data input
· Loader: DSP-VIP-RL/RTL(RTL:with 4~20mA)
· Display Meter: DSP-VIP-RM/RTM(RTM:with 4~20mA)
• Main/Sub/Cab Menu:Three divided menu group according to usage and the frequency of data input
· Main menu:Data input frequency is rather higher
· Sub menu:Ratherly common application for all kind rating of motor
· Cab menu(calibration menu):adjustable for indicating value within narrow range(+/12.7%) /This menu is appeared when “SET” key is pressed for 5 sec or more and disappeared right after pressing again.
• Alarm before Trip: adjustable for 65~100% to OC
• ON OFF switch Forward & Reverse ,respectively /DSP VIP RM RTM:to save a wiring ,space and a labor cost inside panel
• Convenient installation: possible to match with both 65 Phi round hole and rectagular hole/ DSP VIP RM RTM Di splay Meter.
• To indicate a number of main contactor ON OFF to contribute to check a replacing term and an effective maintenance schedule
• To keep a stable operation under the frequency variation of Inverter:1Hz ~ 400Hz
• To call a preset default value in the factory possible by pressing test button before power on ,then keeping a press ing state for 3 sec after power on.

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• Insulation Measurement Function : Motor Stopping

• How to check motor stop state: followed condition must be satisfied at same time
* To keep close state of P1 P2 through Aux output of Contactor (“b” contact state this is critical safety condition for this product to have a normal measurement function
*To keep close state of M1 M2 from output open state (b) of MCCB : highly recommended safety condition
*Any current greater than 0.2A is not sensed by converter
*Logic input #1 keeps low state (zero Voltage)

• Initial indication state after the control power is ON
Prior to do the first measurement by the preset time in 1 st mode (minimum time :6 sec) the initial indication state is appeared as followed :
1) In case ZCT is not connected
LOP t1 no(temperature sensor PT100 is not connected ::”t1 no” is shown for 1sec, then go ahead next procedure Ec-c t( ZCT is not connected ”Ec-ct” is shown for 1sec, then go ahead next procedure Firmware Version the latest measured insulation resistance value Stan by( this means first measurement is done) position to command ON-OFF(one of LOP/MCC/rcs/PC) Stanby alternatively shown the latest measured resistance value present measured temperature ( in case “tEMP” is preset by “rota” mode )
control command position actually entering into measurement action
2) In case ZCT is connected In case ZCT is connected(included embed(included embedded zct type)ed zct type)
In case ZCT is connected (included embedded zct type) LOP —->t1 no(if temperature sensor PT100 is not connected, ”t1 no” is shown for 1sec,then go ahead next procedure Firmware Version the the latest measured insulation resistance value Stanby (first measurement is done) position to command ON-OFF (one of LOP/MCC/rcs/ Stanby →alternatively shown [the latest measured resistance value present measured temperature ( in case “tEMP” is preset by “rota” mode ) control command position] actually entering into measurement action

• Critical Preset Mode to have measurement function : 1 st measurement time interval time, a number of the measurement , alarm level and manual/auto for the measurement.

• Useful management for Class mode & 1 st mode
*In case it is entered into ” mode , “Stanby” is appeared and start to measure a resistance for 15 sec shown measured value continuously, next measurement is done by the number of allowable measurement and the measurement interval time shown a measured value of every measurement on th e way of the measurement, the command position for ON OFF is shown between first “Stanby” and next second “Stanby”// “Stanby” means “just to start to measure”) the measured value and the control command position is shown alternatively after next second measurement
*In case the motor has been kept the stopping state as the control power is ON : the latest measured value and the control command position for ON OFF(one of LOP/mCC/PC/rcs) is shown alternatively before showing “Stnby” to do the first measurement action first measuring action for 15 sec after showing “Stnby” the measurement is done and shown a measured value according to measurement interval time and the number of allowable measurement (the command position for ON OFF ,measured value and the present temperature are shown between previous “Stanby” and next “Stanby”
*The reset by power off or pressing SET key must be done if the operator wants to renew this the number of allowable measurement , otherwise the measurement is not done until the reset is done after the measuring action by preset times has done

• How to make a command for the measurement in motor stop state whenever the operator wants.
*It is possible by pressing Mode key for 3 sec under pressing state for DN key or by pressing SET key 2 times after presetting MAN in Class mode

• In case the control power is ON newly
*if temperature sensor PT100 or ZCT is not connected “t1-no”, “Ec-ct” is appeared for 1sec, then next action is going on forwardly

• How to indicate measured insulation resitance
*The latest measured value among 8 events is indicated during motor stop ,also the rest of 7 events can be checked by pressing “UP,”DN” key as matched with the number of turned on LED in round bar graph position, finally “None” is appeared if there is no more measurement result under the content of 8 events.
*”Ir Ps” is appeared in case the value greater than 500MOhm is measured, it means a line state is normal nevertheless, need to check the disconnection of line to input “L-E ” and the opening between M1 M2
*”Ir 0.0″ is flickering in case the measured value is zero or under 50 KOhm

• Execution if t he latest measured value is lower than preset value
*Motor Stop State*Motor Stop State
·the measured value is flickering
·In order to make clear, enter into “IrAL” mode as pressing “SET” key,then preset “OFF” or lower level than the latest value
*Motor Working State
·the measured value is flickering continuously , but the converter work its job regularly
·detailed working information comes out normally through communication Port

• The opening state between P1 P2( to be connected with Aux output “b” from main contactor)
·”OPEn” is flickering operator needs to make a proper connection
·not possible to measure insulation resistance
·This is strongly a critical condition to operate this product safely

• Opening state between M1 and M2( to be connected by MCCB)
·”Ir-Ps” is appeared , but Motor start is possible / to clear this indication, the operator needs to connect “b” output from MCCB with M1 M2 each or make short state intentionally between M1 and M2
·this condition is highly recommended for the measurement safety

• Alarm for a measured resistance value lower than preset value
*This alarm output is possible to do through aux output(07-08) in case “Ir” is preset in “Au-o”mode

• Multi-complexed Protection Function

• Multi complexed protection relay based on current and temperature

• To indicate RMS value for current :RMS chip adopted in every input/to contribute to check an exact condition of the motor

• To provide actual meter function current, temperature, insulation tester
·Current Meter: high precision
·Insulation resistance meter:0.1 MOhm~500 MOhm/500VDC
·Temperature Meter(Pt1 00 ):0 O C ~ 150 O C
·Auto Range: to indicate decimal point in conjunction with “K” LED in Loader and Display Meter

• To cover a wide current range
·70 Type: 0.2 A ~70A or 0.2A~6A with an external CT 5t must be selected in “cto” mode)
·With external CT :1A~3600A

• To Indicate a necessary information in every 3 sec
·Rotated indication for basic factor : 3 phase current,GR current/ “OFF” must be preset in “rota” mode
·Additional indication above basic factor : Basic Factor +Temp,AWT (Accumulated Working Time)/“ON” must be preset in ”rota” mode
·Possible to fix one of circulated factor or to release:one touch for CLR Key
·To show load factor(actual/preset)/65% ~ 100%:Line Type/DSP VIP RL/RTL, Round Type/DSP-VIP-RM/RTM

• Wide range with high sensitivity for ground fault protection: 3 0mA~ 10A
·Need to use shield wire for connection between ZCT and Z1,Z2 terminal of DSP VIP
·Alarm for disconnection with ZCT: i n case ZCT is not connected with Z1,Z2 of the converter Ec-ct” is shown for 1sec,then go ahead next procedure

• To realize g round fault protection in any neccessary time: 0.05sec/instant,0.1~30sec/Def T I, inv T I

• To be acceptable for various rating of ZCT
·200/1.5mA or 200/100mV,selectable in DIP SW
·Optional type:ZCT emebed internally

• To protect an arised temperature of the case, winding of motor:sensed by PT100

• Various and multiple output of Main and Aux trip output
*C1 FWD REV( 1a *2) : close/co worked with logic input,open/trip with main trip
*Main trip(1a) : 97 98
*AUX 1 a 07 08 :a cts same as main trip or one of Ec/Uc/Shoc/AL/tE M P/Ir/Ec-tE-AL selected in “Au o” mode

• To memorize the latest trip cause of 8 trip event to contribute for analyzing a trouble cause and motor working condition in conjunction with a number of lighted LED in bar graph to show an order of trip event.

• Main contactor Auto Close: i n case a line power is “on” again within a preset time(SDDT) after a line power is “OFF” during a normal operation, main contactor is closed automatically after another preset time(DOMT)
·Shut Down Delay Time:1~5sec/Adjustable
·Delay On Make Time:0(instant)~25sec/Adjustable by 5 sec unit
·Expression in mode:eg/2 3:in case power is on within 2sec after power off, motor starts after 15sec(3 is matched with 15sec) from the instant of power on

• Self diagnostics in case an operator press “test” button of the converter once or CLR button for 3 sec, the main trip output is energized( trip after counting down the preset o time of definite T-I characteristics or a time matched with 550% of the preset “OC” value inselected clss of Inverse T I Curve , hence % of bar graph LED shows how much time is counted down

• Remote Control through RS 485/422 ,232 digital communication

• 4~20mA output: 20mA for maximum current of 3 phase:RTL/RTM type

• To realize effective control for digital communication: possible with combining a communication module simply

• Specialized communication module t o response for digital communicate
·CM 44 : 485/422,Modbus/RTU , RS232 cooperated with converter
·CM 44E :Ethernet,Modbus TCP cooperated with converter
·MWR S : Modbus/RTU, data recorder/ record interval:50m sec /max , RS232 cooperated with converter

• To select one of RS 485 and 422 s imply selectable in DIP SW inside communication Module CM44

• To put easily termination resistance in extreme end unit: simply selectable in DIP SW inside communication Module

• To monitor and to input a data by using “samdsp” or by using EFDS in the field · “samdsp” PC < > Converter of DSP ,for monitoring and controlling
·Possible to communicate with converter by PC through the communication module or a converter directly without communication module