Digital Motor Protection Relays (Wire Through Type)

Brand: Samwha


Digital Motor Protection Relay
Installation: Panel Mounting Type (Wire Through Type)
Model: DSP-3SD

Main Features
• Access restricted to authorized operator : Password
• Compact size, Multi-function
*Protection :
▶ Over current/Under current/Phase loss/Revers e phase/Locked rotor/
Current unbalance : 3SD,3SD-RG
▶ Ground fault : 3SD-RG
*Indication : Current/L1, L2, L3/Earth current

• To cover a wide and precise current range for the protection
*10 Type
▶ Definite T-I : 0.5A∼10A, 0.5A~6A with extern al CT
▶ Inverse T-I : 0.5A~6A/800% to “oc”
*60 Type
▶ Definite T-I : 5A∼60A
▶ Inverse T-I : 5A~15A/800% to “oc”
*Extended protection current range with external CT : 1A∼600A → 3SD Type
• Display for trip cause and operation information in character a nd/or number : 4 Digit Window
• Rotated indication for each phase current with 3 sec interval
*1P(single phase) : L1-L3 current *3P(three phase) : L1-L2-L3
• Ground fault protection based on residual zero phase current:0.5A~10A(not suitable for external CT application) : 0.5A~10A → 3SD-RG Type
• Various trip reset options: Manual, Electrical or Automatic / flexible for automated and sequence machine operation.
• Stable operation under frequency variation from Inverter : 30H z ∼ 400Hz
• Possible to check and/or to change(optional condition) preset value during the operation
• Self-diagnostic test by one touch for “SET” key
• History of latest 8 trip events

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