FLOATLESS RELAY / Liquid Level Monitor

Brand: Minilec


FLOATLESS RELAY / Liquid Level Monitor

These are suitable for conductive liquids like water and for non-conductive liquids like Diesel/Oil. Models for either one level monitoring or two level monitoring.


  • Can be used for potable water, water with impurities and for diesel/oil
  • Cable size & length no restriction for water level monitoring
  • Suitable for variety of electrodes
  • Optical sensing for diesel/oil level monitoring
  • Open collector output (for FRKP4)
  • Choice of enclosures (DIN-Rail, & Plug-in)
  • Use of SMD Technology (S2 Series models)

Protections/ Functions

  • Level monitoring of conductive and non-conductive liquids
  • One level or two level monitoring
  • One tank or two tank level monitoring

Ordering Instruction

  • Product Family Name
  • Model Name
  • System Supply Voltage
  • Aux. Supply/Control supply voltage
  • Type of liquid & its specifications


​Floatless Relay / Level Controllers – Conductive Liquids

Floatless Relay / Level Controllers – Non Conductive Liquids