Voltage-Current Based Digital

Brand: Samwha


Voltage-Current based DigitalModel: DSP-VIP-PL/PM

• Main Features

Easy Handling

• Incoming voltage is indicated orderly while a motor is stopped
• To give a guarantee to exclusive operator : Password Input
• To realize convenient and various data input
• Loader: DSP-VIP-PL
• Display Meter: DSP-VIP-PM

• Main/Sub/Cab Menu:Three devided menu group according to usage and the frequency of data input
• Main menu : Data input frequency is rather higher
• Sub menu : Ratherly common application for all kind of motor
• Cab (calibration) menu :adjustable for indicating value within narrow range(± 12.7%) /This menu is appeared when “SET” key is pressed for 5 sec or more and disappeared right after pressing again.

• To Indicate a necessasary information in every 3 sec
• Basic Factor circulating indication:V,I,KW,GR(Ec)/ “OFF” must be set in ”rota” mode
• Basic Factor + PF,Temp,KWH,AWT(Accumulated Working Time)/“ON” must be set in ”rota” mode/ Possible to fix one of circulated factor or to release:repeated one touch for CLR Key
• To show load factor(actual/setting)/65% ~ 100%:Line Type/DSP-VIP-PL, Round Type/DSP-VIP-PM • Possible to check and/or to change preset value of each mode during the operation
• to check preset value
*Press “SET” key during a motor run, then search mode necessary to check , consequently name of mode & preset value is shown alternatively *not possible to change preset value,only to show presetting state.
• to change preset value
* Firstly, preset “ON” in “oPSEt” mode
*Press “SET” key during a motor run,then search mode neccessary to change , consequently name of mode & preset value is shown alternatively and make a change for preset value by “UP”,DN” key
• Higher Alarm to OC : useful for operator to recognize a trouble
• ON-OFF switch to control motor/DSP-VIP-PM:to save wiring and labor inside panel
• Convenient installation:65Phi circle or rectagular hole(48*96)/DSP-VIP-PM:Display Meter.
• To keep a stable operation under frequency variation of Inverter:1Hz ~ 400Hz
• Indication for a position of “FWD(ON)”-“REV(OFF’) command to run a motor:in case motor is run or stopped during the action by “OFF” or “Auto sensor”, a position message like LOP,MCC(Display meter),rcs(Remote control sensor),out-F(external fault input) and PC that such command was originated from is appeared in front message window.

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Multi-complexed Function

• Power type protection relay based on Voltage and Current
• To indicate RMS value/load current,earth current:RMS chip adopted in every input/to contribute to check an exact condition of motor
• To achieve high-resolution voltage measurement : isolation amplifier with an output seperated from the input circuitry
• To act as actual complexed meter:V,I,KW,PF,KWH,Temp
*Voltage Select:110V/220V/380V/440V/480V(110V is secondary voltage of PT)
*Current Meter with CT:0.5A~3600A(Auto Range for decimal point)
*KW Meter:0.1~60000KW(Auto Range) *Power Factor Meter: ± 0%~100% *KWH Meter:1KWH~99999999KWH(used “K” unit LED)
*Temperature Meter:0OC ~ 150OC
*Auto Range: to indicate decimal point in conjunction with “K/Test” LED in Loader and DM
• To cover a wide current range
*70 Type:0.2A ~70A/0.2A ~ 6A(0.2KW~4.4KW/AC480V) with external CT
*With external CT :0.5~3600A
• High sensitive Level and Wide range for ground fault protection:30mA~ 10A *Standard type/with external ZCT : need to use shield wire for connection between ZCT and Z1,Z2 terminal of DSP
*Optional type : ZCT embeded
*Alarm to disconnection with ZCT:In case ZCT is disconnected with Z1,Z2 of the converter after the control power is on,not while operating,the preset process is not gone ahead anymore as flickering “Ec-ct”/”Off” in “Ec” mode to clear this alarm.
• To realize Short,Ground fault protection by instant trip time:0.05sec
• To be acceptable for two kind of ZCT rating : 200/1.5mA or 200/100mV, selectable in DIP SW
• Temperature arising protection of case,winding of motor:sensed by PT100:0C~150OC
*If sensed temperature is greater than preset value, motor can not start
*if PT100 is not connected and the value except “OFF” in “TEP” mode is preset ,alarm is shown and motor can not start. hence need to preset “OFF” in “TEP” mode to make a motor start
• Various and multiple trip output of Main and Aux relay *Main/1a(97-98):energized(trip) with an output of C1-F-R(1a
* 2) together
*AUX/1a(07-08):same job as main trip or one of Shoc/Uc/AL/Temp/OV-UV/V-Ub/V-oFF selected in “Au-o” mode
*03-04/1a : trip for short circuit
*57-58/1a : trip for ground fault
• To memorize 8 events of the latest trip : to contribute analyzing trouble cause and motor working condition in conjunction with a number of lighted LED in bar graph to show a order of tripped event.
• Main contactor Auto Close:In case a line power is “on” within a preset time(SDDT) after a line power is “OFF” during a normal operation,main contactor is closed automatically after another preset time (DOMT)
*”Logic” mode should be preset “ON” *Shut Down Delay Time:1~5sec/Adjustable *Delay On Make Time:0(instant)~25sec/Adjustable by 5 sec unit
*Expression in mode/eg,2-3:in case power is on within 2sec after power-off,motor starts after 15sec(3 is matched with 15sec) from the instant of power-on
• Self-diagonostics:in case of pressing “CLR” key of display meter or loader for 3 sec or more,all kind of trip output is tripped after counting down o-time of definite T-I characteristic or a time of 550% to “OC” preset value in Inverse T-I Curve , hence % of bar graph LED shows how much time is counted down

• Remote Control through RS-485/422 digital Communication.

* CM44 : 485/422,Modbus/RTU

* CM-44E : Ethernet Network,Modbus TCP

* MWR-S : 485,Modbus/RTU, 1 month data record/recording interval:50msec/max
• 4~20mA output for current loop communication : 20mA for maximum current value among 3 phase
• To realize effective system for digital communication : possible to combine a module simply if necessary
• To response for RS-485/422,Modbus/RTU or Ethernet,Modbus TCP• To select one of RS 485 and 422 : Simply selectable in DIP SW inside communication module:CM-44

To put easily termination resistence in extreme end unit in serial network if neccessary: Simply selectable in DIP SW inside communication Module
• To monitor and input a data by using “samdsp” in the field:Note PC < > Converter of DSP

*PCVIP converter:not to need a communication module

• PC<Comm. module>VIP converter: Need 485 (Comm. Module)/USB(PC):
Protocal Conveter/ DSP-CMB

To realize a preventive maintenance : convenient and effective software
*management and control : “samdsp”
*data base construction : “samdspdb”